Friday, July 1, 2016

Five on Friday - Lessons from Weeding

As I write this post this morning, Five on Friday - Lessons from Weeding...I am scratching...a few of my "lessons.."

We have a rather large vegetable garden and the weeds caught up with me.  So I spent many hours this week weeding.  As I was doing this, I was thinking about why we should weed...lessons.

1.  It is best to pull out weeds when they are little.  Yes, you might pull up a few tender plants in the mix, but you won't have to deal with large weeds choking out your growing plants.  Same could be said of things in our lives, it's best to stop a bad habit, end a relationship, tackle a task - whatever it is, before "it" chokes us out and we don't want to deal with it.  

2.  It is easier to weed early in the morning or evening while the sun isn't as hot.  If you choose to weed in the afternoon, be prepared for sunburn and sweat.  I guess, if you want to rid your life of some "weeds" you might sweat a bit and even get burned.

3.  Use bug spray while weeding.  I didn't see any bugs, but boy do I have the bites on my legs.  Those little "no see em's" as my mom called them.  Yes, you might get a  bite or two from some "no see em's" when weeding in your life.  You can stop that from putting on your "bug spray (prayer)" guarding yourself from hurt.  

4.  Once the weeds are pulled away from the plant, you can see how nice the plant looks, "I didn't know the beans looked that good" kinda thing.  Once you pull out unwanted things in your life, you might be surprised how you feel "I didn't know I could do that on my own" (smile).

5.  Once free from the weeds your plant can grow...bloom...weed free.  I think you get the picture here.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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