Wednesday, April 10, 2013

German Inspired Meal - Pork Schnitzel and Sauerkraut Potatoes

Pork Schnitzel:

I started out with our "barter" pork - chops.  Cut the meat from the bones and trim the fat.  Don't throw that out - it will be used to flavor some beans for soup tomorrow.

Cut the pork into smaller pieces and pound thin between plastic wrap.  Mix flour, S & P; make an egg wash; mix panko and paprika.  Cover cutlets in flour, dip in egg then panko - fry till crisp.  Keep warm in oven.  

I made a dill sauce for the schnitzel.  Drain the fat from the fry pan - leave the bits in the pan.  Add 3/4 C chicken stock, 2 t. dill and salt.  Let this loosen up the bottom of pan, take 1/4 C of this and add to 1/2 C sour cream - mix together - add back to the pan.  Cook till it is thick and bubbly.  Drizzle over the schnitzel.

I also made a side dish - sauerkraut potatoes - I found the recipe here:

Here are the photos:

This American/German meal ended with apple dumplings.  I cheated and used store bought pie crust to cover the apples.  I made a weight watcher one for me....just baked apple slices with some oatmeal on the bottom.

German heritage is very common here in Marathon County Wisconsin.  I married a that is German!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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