Sunday, April 21, 2013

Clerked an Auction Today

I clerked an auction today.  It was so much fun.  I use to work for George Woodrich, he passed on a few years ago - I really miss him.  I also worked for Marquardt Auctions, but Ken and Kathy have retired.  I was excited when Vikki called me to fill in for her clerk today.  I had a blast.  

Vikki was married to my cousin.  He passed on from brain cancer.  They had 2 children together.  So today, was kinda a family day, as her son, Billy and granddaughter, Victoria also worked the sale. 

Vikki also has a blog, 

I did get some great items.  We bought a huge gold ornate framed mirror along with some small framed ones for Justine's wedding.  She also got a box of vintage shoes - some cute ones to "bling" out to wear on her wedding day.  I also bought some Red Wing dishes - really nice.   

It was busy and fun.  Blessing from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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