Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Childhood Memories

My daughter, Justine, had this neat idea.  If you are on Pinterest check out other pinners with your same name.  She did so and found out that other Justines share similiar likes.  Here is the link to her post. 
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This had me thinking about my followers or others that read this blog.  I created a board on pinterest that is:  My Childhood Memories.  I think it is neat when someone will repin or if I pin another on this board.  These people must be my age and share memories about this item.  So....here are a few of my favorite childhood memories from my board:
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Did any of you have this monkey?  We called this "Julie Monkey"
Pinned Image  Timey Tell - I still have her.

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Barbie Town House - my cat Frisky loved to sleep in here.  Often times knocking it down...
Pinned Image Gunne Sax dresses...I was too chubby to wear these.  When my Mom finally had enough money to splurge on one of these - they were like $70 then...I tried the largest size on and popped the button off in the dressing room....we just hung it back up and left.  

Pinned Image  Loved this cereal!  We rarely had cold cereal - when we did - it was a real treat!  With 6 kids, oatmeal, cream of wheat, farina, eggs cheaper....

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I had (have) these....you know I don't throw anything away! 

OK...now get ready for this last one.  I was the little sister - and if you ask Lori - "from Hell".  This picture made me laugh as it reminded me of ME....she had to babysit me all the time and I know I was a brat - well, sometimes I'm sure she will tell you - still am one. 
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We have a picture like this with Henry (Quirt) flipping the bird because he didn't catch the biggest fish - he is now a pastor and missionary.

What are some of your childhood memories?  Do you share any of these?  I was born in 1966 and would be interested in knowing if any of you were too. 

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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