Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Doing What Mama's Should Do

If you are new to reading my blog, welcome.  My regular followers know that I help take care of my Mom.  She suffered a stroke, that has left her wheelchair bound.  I am a part of the "sandwich generation."  It is difficult for her to get out and go places.  

We have bible studies at her house on Monday evenings.  Both of my brothers are in the ministry.  Frank, who lives here, is the one who started this family bible study.  Frank's gift to his ministry is his sensitivity to people, his ability to accept, love and have empathy to their needs.  He is such a special person - I might know someone who was jealous to "share" him with the people in "church" - I wonder who that was???  

Last night he read scripture on a very familiar bible lesson.  Only this time, he related the story to "doing what mama's should do."  It was relative to my Mom as she has spent her whole life as a mama to not only us, but many wayward kids along the way.  She has maintained many life long relationships with them.  In fact, in her doing this - showing us this example - she has encouraged not only Frank's gift, but my sister Lori's as well.  My sister Lori, ALWAYS prays with the "misfits" (I say that lovingly...) at church - the ones that are the least welcoming to pray near...or with...  She has brought me to tears over the years as I have witnessed her doing this.  "Doing what mamas should do..."

Frank's message was on the 5 loaves and 2 fish.  How, that morning when the little boy's mother packed her son a lunch, she didn't know how it would be used.  Or, how her son would be used.  She could have raised her son or shown him selfishness - where he wouldn't have been willing to give his lunch to the disciples.  She could have been "lazy" and not packed him a lunch on that day.   She was just doing what mamas do, however, in this story we don't think of  her.  I liked that twist on the story.  

I really have been thinking about this.  Have I, do I and will I show my children my "doing what mamas are supposed to do?"  Nurture their God given gifts so that they can be used for ministry.  Let this challenge you as it did me.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin. 

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