Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MAY–Interesting Facts



May is named for Maia, the Roman goddess of Spring and growth.


Birthstone:  Emerald

Flower:  Lilly of the Valley


Holidays in May: 

Mother’s Day:  2nd Sunday; first observed in 1908

Armed Forces Day:  3rd Saturday; combined celebration in 1950 to honor those who served.

Memorial Day:  last Monday; day honoring those who died serving in any U.S. war; first observed in 1866.


The Month of May is National:  BBQ, Salad, Photography, Bike, Hamburger, Foster Care, Date Your Mate and Blood Pressure Awareness Months

1st Week in May:  Nurses Week

2nd Week in May:  Wildflower Week

3rd Week in May:  Bike Week

4th Week in May:  Emergency Medical Week


Celebrate Each Day:

1st:  May Day

2nd:  Brother and Sisters Day

3rd:  Lumpy Rug Day (what is that???)

4th:  Bird Day

5th:  Cinco De Mayo

6th:  Nurses Day

7th:  National Tourism Day

8th:  No Socks Day

9th:  National Train Day

10th:  Clean up Your Room Day

11th:  Eat What You Want Day (like we need a day for that)

12th:  Limerick Day

13th:  Mother’s Day

14th:  Dance Like a Chicken Day

15th:  National Chocolate Chip Day

16th:  Love a Tree Day

17th:  Pack Rat Day (boy can I celebrate!!!)

18th:  No Dirty Dishes Day

19th:  Armed Forces Day

20th:  Wanna Be a Millionaire Day (too much taxes for that)

21st:  Memo Day

22nd:  Buy a Musical Instrument Day

23rd:  Lucky Penny Day

24th:  National Missing Children’s Day

25th:  Tap Dance Day

26th:  Jazz Day

27th:  Sun Screen Awareness Day

28th:  Memorial Day

29th:  Learn About Composting Day

30th:  Water Flower Day

31st:  Macaroon Day

(some pretty weird days!)



“Who first beholds the light of day, In Spring’s sweet flowery month of May, and wears an emerald all her life, she will be a loved happy wife”

“Spring’s last born darling, clear eyed, sweet, pauses a moment with white twinkling feet, and golden locks in breezy play, half teasing and half tender, to repeat her song of May”  Susan Coolidge

“Sweet May hath come to love us.  Flowers, trees, their blossoms don and through the blue heavens above us, the very clouds move on”  Heinrich Heine

“A warm January; a cold May”  Welsh Proverb


Blessings from Wisconsin!

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