Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17th - Happy Pack Rat Day!

I'm a little nervous to publish this post.  Many of you know that I resell items as a business.  I "buy out" whole estates, bring them home and sell the items.  For me, there is a fine line between - resale and, are you ready???  I really don't want to show you this....but, here goes... 

This is my kitchen table this morning....I do have my "to do" list on top...I have to tackle this mess TODAY!

I do sell on Ebay - this is my shipping pile.  Nice, however, not in my dining room.

When you are in this business, it is nice to have a trailer to haul - but, using it as a storage has made more work for myself...unloading to load....???  I really hate me at times!

 My "weathering" pile.  I like to keep stuff that I want to age or "weather" outside my buildings....who am I trying to fool?  Anyone can see that they are already weathered....

Well, now you see "stash"  Or as Mike and Frank from American Pickers would say...."honey hole."  This is my pole building....I still have a studio and shop - we'll save that for another post!

Did I mention....I do flea markets?!? 

As you can see from the stack of books in this building....I do have plans to or at least had plans to ....  "Unclutter Your Life!" 

Blessings from Wisconsin. 
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