Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Congratulations Anna

Saturday, May 26, 2012 - Faith Christian Academy

Anna, our youngest daughter, graduated from high school over the weekend.   Her class had 10 graduates. 

The speaker was Kevin Hermening.  He was one of the Iran hostages (Iran hostage crisis - 1979).  He lives in Mosinee, WI.  He gave a very inspirational speech - on Memorial weekend.  He talked about memorial stones in our lives.  He related these memorial stones from the bible, how the Israelites made stone memorials to mark something God delivered them from.  He said each of us has memorial stones that we have made and will make in our lives.  These events will change us and we should make a memorial stone not only to remind us what God has done for us, but as a testimony to others that they can be a witness of what God has done.  All I could think about, was Anna's memorial stone of cancer.  Our decision to send our children to Faith Christian Academy the year Anna was undergoing chemotherapy to limit her exposure to germs and illness and our staying an additional 6 years.  This has been a financial sacrifice for us, one we chose to make.   This memorial stone is one that changed our lives forever.  We are stronger for it.

People kept coming up to me and asking if I was sad to see the last one graduate.  I said "No, I'm blessed.  I'm happy to see this day, it could have been so much different.  God has been so good to us, blessing our family, healing Anna completely and allowing us to celebrate this joyful day." 

Memorial stones - I'll say!

Blessings from Wisconsin.

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