Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good Bye Dory - You Were A Good Dog!

This was my little dog Dory.  She was very sick and passed away at the vet clinic yesterday.  They are not sure why, maybe blastomycosis or cancer.  She tested negative twice for blasto and not all the symptoms were there.  However, we live near a creek that runs into the EauClaire River - where blastomycosis spores have been linked.   I will truly miss her.

My girls often said..."you love Dory more than us" teasing me.  However, I did realize something last night.  My girls are older now and don't really need me as much.  Dory, was small and LOVED me, she needed me.  I think I must have transfered some of my "mama" love that they didn't need toward that little dog...I know, crazy right? 

I was thinking yesterday, I know there are other people in the world facing harder situations than this.  But, this sure is sad, and she is only a dog.  I did think of another blogger friend who lost a child and again my heart grieved for her loss. 

In my grief, I've been thinking about my past two weeks of posts:  "A Merry Heart" and "Glass Half Full or Half Empty."  I wonder if Jesus wasn't preparing me for this.  

Dory was 5 and the runt of the litter from our dog Minnie.  She was a "needy" little thing, that loved to curl up under my arm and lay her head on my chest.  She loved to sleep with me, almost every night.  I am happy that I had Dory and that I gave her all my excess mama love.  We buried her at the edge of my flower garden next to another old faithful dog - Champ. 

Blessings from Wisconsin.
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