Monday, May 7, 2012

Glass half full or half empty?

Do you see this glass as half full or half empty?  Is your day partly cloudy or partly sunny?  I'm at the end of a stage of my life that I truly enjoyed!  I devoted all my talents, time, energy and efforts into it -  My Kids Lives.

O.K.  I said it...I will miss this stage. 

Our youngest just turned 18 and she is graduating from high school at the end of May. 

For 20 years, I have been really involved in our daughter's every day life.  A big part of that was school - 15 years.  When my girls were in grade school, I was volunteering so much, that the school offered me a job as a teacher's aide.  I LOVED it.  When we made the decision to send our girls to a Christian School, I filled in there too.  Now, I'm glad to have "done it", learned so much from it and have many wonderful memories!

However, that stage is now over.  I could be sad about this - trust me - but, I don't want to be.  This whole school year, there has been a "well meaning" mom, who keeps saying to me..."well, this is your LAST volleyball game, this is your LAST Christmas concert, this is your LAST" ....fill in the blank...all school year.  Now, I know maybe she doesn't realize she is doing this. It has been a challenge for me not to be sad already - without her help!  I just decided that NO I'm not sad, rather happy.  Happy and blessed.  

Happy that God helped me to do what I did - mistakes and all.  Blessed with wonderful memories and regrets!  

So, my glass is neither half empty or half full - rather, just right for me at this stage of my life.  

Blessings from Wisconsin. 

Growing Home
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