Sunday, May 20, 2012

Burt & Ernie Market Lambs

The picture in my header is of the whiter of these 2 lambs.   Anna initially called him "Mr. Buttons."  Now, with the addition of the other lamb, she decided to call them "Burt and Ernie." 

These 2 lambs are her 4-H project lambs for the Market Animal Show and Sale.  All lambs in the county are weighed in on the same day, raised all summer and then weighed in on entry day of fair.  They are to have a rate of gain of .45/day and weight between 110 - 150#.  These requirements must be met in order to sell your lamb at auction. 

Anna wanted 2 smaller lambs - as she is trying to get the rate of gain champion.   We'll see....we are trying a higher quality feed...they do like to eat.  I just hope they make minimum weight.  

I will post on their progress.  

Blessings from Wisconsin. 
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