Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Vintage 1950's Poultry Tribune Magazines

I recently had a customer ask if I would like to buy some old magazines.  I always buy ephemera of any kind, but was so excited when she said that they were farm related.  

What fun to page through these old magazines.   The advertising, articles, comics, tips and recipes just make me dream of the "good old days" when life seemed less hectic.  It was interesting to see that even in the 1950's they were comparing free range vs. caged, production vs. comfort, culling vs. keeping and breed production vs. hobby - some of the same issues that 2017 chicken herdsmen and women consider.   

Housing plans and options in addition to cage and feeder construction.  

Purposeful breeds and breeding - fun or profit.  You all know I love my bantam breeds.

Cute (corny) comics.

Glossy prints of monthly featured birds, sharing history of that breed.   Some of these were selling pretty high on ebay, however, I'm going to keep them for a bit longer.

I found a plan for an adorable brooding house, just what I need for my mama hens.  My hens did set and hatch out over 100 chicks last year.  Not that I "need" another little building out here but, it makes sense to house the setting hens and younger chicks away from the rest of the flock.  At least that's how I'll "pitch it" to my builder...Al.  (smile)

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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