Thursday, January 19, 2017

Book Review - The Magnolia Story

If you enjoy HGTV's "Fixer Upper" then you must read this book.  Honestly, it made me love this couple even more!  

Last spring, when we made our pilgrimage to the Silos, I was only a fan of the show.  Yes, I loved her style, his quirky personality and the strong family bond that seemed to be evident as I watched.  Other than that, I really had no idea anything about them and their story.  This book takes you on a journey from the very beginning and you learn the what and why of their success and whom they give credit to.  

My path of self-employment, one-woman shop, fledgling entrepreneur, had so many stumbling stones that I learned to turn into "monuments."  Yes, monument, those stone markers with script text chiseled into them.  "Here is where I decided that I was able to say 'no' to something,"  "here is where I decided to put my family first," "here is where I had to close my shop and focus on family illness," "here is where I decided to 'go big, or go home'."  As I move forward on my path, it is nice to look back at these stumbling blocks turned monuments.  Reading this did that for me.  Jo does the same as she writes this book.  It is a wise person who can use failure as a lesson for success.  I appreciate the "God" lessons illustrated, as I can relate to my own.  I was brought to tears while reading on more than one occasion as I could see the 30 something me in her story.  However, not in terms of worldly but, Godly success.    

I loved this passage:  "It was such a blessing to find myself thriving in the middle of the pain.  Unless you find a way to do that, there's always going to be this fake illusion that once you get there -- wherever, "there" is for you -- you'll be happy.  But that's just not life.  If you can't find happiness in the ugliness, you're not going to find it in the beauty, either."  

Yes, this is a story of how HGTV found this house flipping couple in Waco, Texas and their back story.  But the message in this is more than "just" that.  My interpretation of their story is one that shows a lesson to us about what can happen when you put your faith in God and his plans for your life.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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