Monday, January 2, 2017

Motivational Monday - START

Sometimes, o.k., a lot of times, inspiration comes to me while I'm mucking out a stall.  Today, it was this quote:

"Every plan, set to motion, needs to START" (me)

I was thinking about a text message I wanted to send to Justine and Anna as we are encouraging each other this year to reach our goals.  This came to me...I knew it was going to be a blog post (smile).  

That's all it really is...just START.  Who cares if you stop, take a break or even quit...just start again.  

I have some pretty lofty plans this year.  I've learned not to mention all the crazy ideas I actually have - it's best to just work on them and if you achieve it great if not, no one knew.  However, I did START.  

You can too.  Just jump up and set your plan to motion.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

1 comment:

Liz said...

I have this quote in my exercise journal "If you don't know where to start remember that you have to start somewhere to get somewhere and doing nothing will get you nowhere."
Good luck on your plans! I tend to have a lot of crazy one too! :)