Monday, September 29, 2014

Motivation Monday - Staying Relevant

As my followers know, I have recently become an empty nester.  I am entering a new stage of life - one that Al and I are actually looking forward to.  We had our kids young and now we are young enough to still enjoy our life and each other.    

The other day, I was thinking about some of my family and the stages of life they each are in.  Honestly, I was thinking of things I would like to tell some of them about how they could make the stage they are in easier....then I thought of something my Dad use to say.  "You know, when you are old, you know a few things about life, sad part is, no one will listen to you, because you are old."   I laughed as I thought about his telling me this.  I remember him giving me advice and my thinking....well, I am going to do it my way anyway.  Later, to only wish I would have listened.  Now there are days I would Dad do this?

I decided that I will NOT give my advice, unless asked - because, no one will listen anyway.....

All of this has lead me to my post for Motivation Monday on relevancy.  Finding your relevancy in whatever stage of life you are in, is important!  Being able to feel connected to each situation and the people involved in it gives us relevancy.

The week before my Mom passed on, she told me that she felt she still had a few things she could "share" and "contribute" to her family yet.  What a blessing she was to all of us!  She was even in death, a lesson for us, relevant to us and apart of us.  She did that all with grace and dignity.

This is my favorite picture of my parents.  Almost every time I pass it - I say, "thanks Mom and Dad for being such wonderful parents."  I usually kiss it too....

So, today, I am focused on being relevant in my life and to those that I share it with.  Relevant in my advice, relevant in my passion, relevant in my relationships.  Today, I am focused on being relevant in my business and the way I want to represent myself.  The places I choose to sell at, the people I choose to sell with and the types of things I create.

It is my desire, that the experiences that molded me into the woman I am today, will WANT to be relevant to those I love.  So, that I can be the example my Mom was to her family.  

I hope this little post wasn't too personal.  Rather, that in your reading it, you might be motivated to seek your own relevancy in the stage of life you are in and the situations you are going through.  

Blessing from Ringle, Wisconsin.   

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