Monday, July 21, 2014

"Recipe for Love" Anna's Vintage Bridal Shower

This past Saturday, was our daughter Anna's bridal shower.  Her theme was "A Recipe for Love."   

We asked each guest to bring at least one of their favorite recipes.  We added this to a photo album with enough space to write a note to her next to your recipe.  It was really nice.  

We played a measurement/equivalent game, 1950's housewife game, guess the spices, guess the ingredient and a  how well do you know the bride and groom. 

Each guest's spot had a recipe card that had a problem or suggestion written on it.  Things like:  5 date night ideas, how to resolve a fight, thrifty ideas, ways to show your love, etc.  These cards were drawn for the door prices.  The prices were a cookbook with most of the ingredients for a recipe from it in a basket.  We also did a Mad Lib game and Anna picked the best one from each table.  

To follow the theme, we made strawberry, lemonade mix in a pint Mason jar.  We used some of my "new" vintage quilting fabric for the tops.  These were really cute.  

For food we made little things in cups.  Veggies and dip in plastic shot glasses, taco dip, strawberry and spinach salad, fruit salad, cocktail bread size ham, beef and cheese sandwiches, olive spread and turkey rollups.  For the sweets, we had daisy sugar cookies, lemon cup cakes, and lime and pineapple parfait also in a cup.  Lemonade for drinks.

The tables had antique and vintage kitchen items.  We made little fun facts about different spices and kitchen poems on little stands.  We used lemons, limes and oranges down the middle as well.  We used neat kitchen appliances to put flowers and plants in.  It just turned out so nice.   All the bridesmaids and Anna wore vintage aprons.  Here are some pictures.  The fresh flowers were from my mom's and my gardens.  The plants, my sister Lynn potted up for us. 

The ultimate compliments - "did you do all of this?  Was this catered?"  And my favorite from Janette "you outdid Pinterest by far" - not that I'm bragging - but, it was a lot of work.  Thanks to all who helped us pull it together.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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