Thursday, July 10, 2014

"New to Me" Bike

I bought a bike at one of the auctions I was working.  It is really cute!

I really don't exercise.  Don't get me wrong, I can load, stack and unload over 100 bales of hay per wagon; I can pick up a dresser and move it up a flight of stairs; I am strong - I'm just not athletic.  

I've set some small goals for myself when it comes to exercise.  I was pleased last night when I even exceeded one.  We live not too far from the Mountain/Bay Trail.  This is a multi-county managed bike, walking, snowmobile trail from Rib Mountain to Green Bay.  We have walked on this trail, Al and the girls have rode their bikes on the trail many times, but I never did.  That is until now.  My bike isn't fancy, or even a bike made for off road, but the trail by us is so nice.  It was actually easy to ride on.  We rode from Ringle to Hatley and back, which is maybe 9 miles or so.  I had so much fun.

I also was able to see the bench that our 4-H club purchased as a memorial for one of our past members who passed on.  I have wanted to go on the trail and see it, but it just seemed so far to walk or ride to.  I was so happy to make it to the bench and see what a nice spot it is in.  Derek was a great kid, young man - he would have loved this spot!  

I was slower than Al.  I kept telling him to not to wait for me, but he did.  He said he was just happy I came along.  This is something we will continue to do as "empty nesters."  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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