Thursday, July 24, 2014

My New Vendor Booth - In The Works

Most of you know that I have been searching for a new place to sell.  Sadly, Grand Repeats, will no longer have vendor spaces available upstairs.  A few weeks ago, I went on a road trip to look at possible selling spaces.  I have decided that I am going to set up a booth at Water Street Vintage, LLC:  Water Street Vintage, LLC  In New London, WI, which is over an hour drive from my farm. 

When I went to see the shop, I really liked it.  Actually, it reminded me of the Junk Bonanza that I love going to in MN.  I was put on a waiting list, as they are opening the upstairs.  (I know, I always seem to end up with booths that need me climb stairs...).  I guess, I got is a picture of my booth in progress.  

My booth will be right at the top of the steps.  I will have 3 open sides - which I like - I can put up screens, shutters, towers, etc. and make 3D vignettes.  I'm pretty excited.  

I love that I am starting in September.  I hope to take full advantage of the holiday selling season.  I know my "freaky" art will fit in here.

I have been sorting items for another few sales at the farm - I have been saving items for this booth as well.  

Check out the page link above and "like" it.  She does a good job posting pictures - you just might see my booth in the fall.  Thanks.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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