Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jacky's Craft Camp - Week 4 - String Art

This week, we made string art.  Thanks to Pinterest, string art has become popular once again.  I didn't get a picture of some of the finished projects, but they all turned out great.  

All you do is start out with your wood choice.  I had tree slabs, cabinet door panels and small wood plaques to choose from.   They could do a finished look or rustic.  After you choose your wood, you may paint it and the outline of image you will apply the sting too.  

Some of the kids "free" handed their ideas to the wood, while others made a pattern and taped it down.  Then you take small nails, we used panel nails, and start nailing them in to form your pattern.  Once all the nails are around the pattern, you pull away the paper and your image is ready to string.  

You can use all types of string, embroidery floss, yarn, jute and even wire.  Tie on your string to one of the nails with a double knot, cut off the tail.  We didn't hold ourselves to a pattern, we just wrapped the string from nail to nail in a free form manner.  You can download patterns that tell you what nail to run each string to if you want to make very intricate designs.  We found it easier to wrap the string around each nail twice and then move on to the next nail.  You can push down the string and make multiple levels of string if you want.  Once your image looks the way you want, you can run the string around the exterior to finish off the design.  Then tie off the string in a double or triple knot and cut off the tail.  That's it - really easy.  

 I did open Jacky's Craft Camp to other 4-Hrs not in our club.  This week we had a 4-H family sign up that even show in a different county - that's awesome!  Thanks for the donations, as this project was FREE for 4-Hrs as well!  

(By the way, if you have old craft supplies and want to donate them, let me know.  Thanks.)

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.       

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