Saturday, April 5, 2014

Planting Seeds

Today was our monthly Homme Nursing Home ministry.  Jessi (my niece) works at a green house and loves flowers.  She donated these little pots with vermiculite and flower seeds.  We helped the residents plant them so they could watch them grow in their rooms.  We did have extra ones that the kids planted and we went door to door passing them out.  
The message today was about planting seeds.  Frank used my grandma Kincaid as as example.  At the end of her life, she was home bound.  She said to him one time, "boy, I sure hope someone is blessed by all of this."  (meaning her illness)  Then she says as ever the optimist she was too..."well, I will just keep telling everyone that comes in about Jesus."  Frank said that even though she was unable to get out and "do" stuff she still had the calling to minister.  He related that you too might not be able to leave here, but keep planting seeds of Jesus into those who visit you.  It was better than I am explaining.  

That had me thinking that we too were planting seeds in the kids that came to the nursing home to help.  Seeds of ministry, helping and sharing time with the elderly.  These little "ministers" that go each month to the Homme Home might have planted flower seeds today, but the "seeds" to serve have been planted in them.  Even the youngest (4 months) was a blessing to an old gentlemen today who held him for the longest time.  

This is what it is all about!  We didn't just pick the name Good Samaritan by chance - it is about ministry.  Lord help the things we do, glorify You!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin!
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