Monday, April 21, 2014

Motivation Monday - Enjoy the "Stage" You are In

You know, many women who are in the stage of life that I am in, become depressed or feel a loss of purpose.  An empty nest is something I thought was years away....boy, how time slips up on you.  I've been pondering these things lately, looking at other women who are in the next stage of life and then it came to me, I actually had a "light bulb" moment, I'm in a pretty "sweet spot."  Thank the Lord, I'm still young enough and healthy enough to enjoy new things in my life.    

I have had so many things that I have wanted to do over the past several years, but been unable to.  Life and the choices I made at those stages, pushed back some of my desires.  I wouldn't change it or trade those experiences for a million dollars.  Those stages and choices helped me to see how "sweet" this spot really is.  

The time we are given on this old earth, really is a gift.  We can choose to squander it or invest it.  I choose - invest.  

Whatever stage of life you are in - crying babies, temper tantrums, soccer mom, sassy teens, single or working mom - embrace it and enjoy it.  Life stages go by fast, don't miss out on the lessons they offer, the sorrow and joy.    

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin. 

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