Monday, April 28, 2014

Motivation Monday - "Keep busy, but don't work too hard"

Some day, I plan to write a book about the interesting neighborhood I grew up in.  Are you familiar with the movie "Big Fish?"  Well, I would consider the stories behind some of our neighbors to be similar to the characters in that movie.   

Today, I will share one of them with you.  Esther and Frank Pizon.  They were an elderly couple that lived down the block from us in an apartment.  Esther had suffered with diabetes that left her an amputee.  She had an actual wooden leg - yep, wooden.  She did get a "new" leg later on that actually looked like "real" and made of hard plastic.  Her husband Frank, survived a stroke that left him unable to speak.  He was a sweet, kind gentleman.  He loved to walk and did so daily.  When he would pass by, I would say "hi Frank" and he would always raise his good hand and point and wink as if to say - right back atcha.  

Esther and Frank would come over to our house daily for coffee.  My mom would host many a neighbor - daily - with coffee and treats.  Looking back on it now, that was her ministry.  

Esther, in order to support her and Frank, was given the opportunity to sell their crafts at the Commission on Aging.  This department had a Talent Shop in Wausau and still does, where you could support the elderly and disabled by buying their items.   (here is photo of the Talent Shop in Wausau, WI - now located in the Goodwill Store in Rib Mountain, by Walmart and Aldis)

Esther, developed arthritis in her hands that left her unable to embroider faces on her dolls or do small hand sewing.  This is where my mom comes into play.  Esther "hired" my mom to do these tasks for her and then she would finish them up.  I can remember Esther dropping off all kinds of projects for my mom to help her with.  They actually made some really cute items.  The felt cardinals I make now is actually a pattern from Esther.  

So, on with my Motivation Monday quote.  This is something Esther would say EVERY day - she would drop off her bag of work for my mom, drink her coffee, have a treat and visit.  Upon leaving she would say...."well, Dode (my mom's nick name) keep busy, but don't work too hard."  

Esther was a regular in my life from a time I can't remember - till her passing when I was in 5th or 6th grade.  Hearing her say that phrase every day was something I grew up with.  It wasn't until later in life - like recently - I can appreciate what that quote means.  It's genius actually.   

You can wrap up a whole lotta something in that quote.  Who better to say it; the wife of a stroke victim, an amputee who suffered from arthritis.  She did live by it too.  She was always doing something.  She was old...really...and not just because I was little and every one was old - she was old.  To think on it now, I actually am inspired by her work ethic.  

So, today, whether you are home with a bunch of little ones, or racing between work and little league, or nursing home visits with your parents and high school games with your kids, or just sitting on the couch trying to get up the ambition to wash your dishes.....remember....."keep busy, but don't work too hard."  Esther Pizon

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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