Friday, July 12, 2013

Lessons on Thursday

I set out in the morning for Antigo.  Picking berries is one of these chores with a sweet reward.  I was head down picking my row, when these 2 cute kids came down the row next to me.  I was busy picking and said "don't forget to eat as you go."  I looked up at their mom - I was so surprised to see Lisa, my cousin's daughter.  I had so much fun picking next them, talking and enjoying spending time with them.

I must confess, that I had left the house kinda sad as both of my kids were working and couldn't come with me.  Then when I got to the field, I saw another friend who says to me..."I'm all by myself, the first time ever - I don't know what to do with my empty nest."  As she is saying this the boy who works for the farm hands me a basket and says "yep, my parents are having a hard time with their empty nest too."  THANKS.  

So, when I saw family it made me so happy.  

On the way home I took the back roads.  We have a wildlife viewing area on Hwy G.  I had to stop my car and let this gaggle of geese cross the road.  By the time I got my camera they were making such a racket running up the hill next to the pond.  They were not happy with me.   

I had to take a picture of their well beaten path.

I had plans on making strawberry short scones for the first bible study that my brother is doing.  Here is the cute building he is renting.  

The scones were really good with the fresh berries.  I even made "real" whipped cream.    I have 2 more flats to cut up and freeze today.  Nothing is better than Wisconsin strawberries in January.  

Blessings from Ringle, WI.  

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