Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hay Time Round 2

We had window of several nice days in a row - so, we had an opportunity to cut the 2nd side of our hay field.  Justine took some pictures of Al and I working - so, I thought I would post them.  

That's me in red.  I actually like stacking the wagon.  We did have a snag or two in equipment on the first half.  However, yesterday we didn't.  It took us MANY years to get the right stuff to do our own hay.  What we could afford then, we now have to replace again.  When we first moved out here, our neighbor did all this for us.  We took a few hundred bales and gave them the rest.  I thought of this yesterday and a boy from our 4-H group who would help that family at haying time.  Derek - was a crazy kid we met through 4-H.  I can still see him high on the hay wagon circling our field.  Derek was in a horrific motorcycle accident in 2010 that took his life.  I prayed for his mom and dad, sisters and now nephew - and had a little talk with Derek.  This time of year really makes me remember the funny kid he was.  

Blessings from Ringle, WI.

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