Monday, July 22, 2013

Garden Pictures

2013 has been a challenging year for this gardener!  When you live in Wisconsin, you spend winter months under your blanket, cup of coco, seed catalog, notebook, dreaming and drawing out your plans.  Some of my best gardens are in that notebook - if only on paper. 

We had a long winter, wet cool spring and plenty of deer.  I knew, when we were feeding that "ratty buck" all winter, it would come back to bite me. 

The most disappointing part for me was my sweet corn.  I planted early, 30 rows of 25 hills with 4-5 kernels in each - that's was a lot of work.  Well, all the rain after I planted, standing water and deer - left me with NO corn.  Good thing my friends Linda and John plant acres of everything.  I will just buy some from them. 

Here is what I have left in my raised beds. 

The deer loved the beans and beets!

That is all that is left of the beets - they pulled them up and ate only the tops. 


I plan on a nice salad for lunch with one of those green peppers. 

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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