Monday, June 24, 2013

Motivation Monday - Facing Anxiety

Motivation Monday - Facing Anxiety

In a previous Motivation Monday - Push Yourself post I told you about how I sold at auction.  You can read here:

Today's motivation is to face your anxiety.  Being anxious about something is a part of our human nature.  Everyone has experienced it.  However, when something becomes so strong that it "takes over" your thoughts or even manifests itself physically - this is anxiety.  

The first time I noticed that something was happening, believe it or not, was at auctioneering school.  The students were to conduct our first live auction.  While waiting in my hotel room during lunch, I started to have some physical effects from my nerves.  I knew anxiety issues existed within our family so I called my sister and told here what was going on.  She said to me...."you are having an anxiety attack."  She told me about some deep breathing exercises that did seem to help.   Once we got to the auction and I saw that some of the other students were just as bad at this as I was, I relaxed and actually enjoyed my turn selling.  

Each person probably has their own triggers - I have come to recognize things that happen before and during one of my anxiety issues and it helps me realize what is going on.  I'm not one to take medicine for things like this, however, I will not judge someone if they do.  I've recently researched what I believe my issues stem from and how I can work through it.   

First, I'm a praying person, so therefore, I do pray about getting myself through these issues.  Second, I have researched and educated myself about anxiety and that I'm not the only person to feel this way.  Third, I am learning to make myself face the anxiety.  

So, I put myself out there and have been helping sell and work auctions.  I had an awesome opportunity to work out some "bugs" in my selling this past weekend.   There were many people in the audience that I knew, which was rather hard for me.   My anxiety issues partly have to do with acceptance and opinion of others - if I was bad at selling....what would they think?  I started to physically get some of the signs...but, then I started praying and taking deep breaths.  When Arnie called my name I just jumped up on the wagon and did it.  

By the end of the day, I was becoming comfortable with selling and actually having a good time.  It all takes practice, I'm just glad I have an opportunity to work out not only the "bugs" in my calling....but, my anxiety as well.   My husband, Alan, has been just a blessing to me at these auctions.  It relaxes me to see his smiling face.  He has encouraged me after my turn and gave me the kick I needed to get up again.  My family has been so encouraging.  I am really blessed!

So, if you have anxiety issues - you are not alone.  Educate yourself, pray for guidance and face your fears.  Making yourself face it - will be painful and hard to do - however, what you gain from it is so rewarding!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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