Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday's Tips - Week 1 - Autcions

Tuesday's Tips - Week 1 - Auctions

I LOVE auctions!  I first started to attend auctions in my late teens/early twenties - before I was married.  Mostly, out of necessity - items for our home.  I soon became addicted and introduced my sisters to this auction world.  I'm sure many an auctioneer should be thanking me for that!  We are good bidders and buyers.  

I have worked an auction from the ground up - literally.  I started by cleaning out and boxing up the house, being a runner, ring man, clerk and auctioneer.   There is no better way to learn ANY type of a job than working all the aspects of it.  With over 25 years of auction experience....I thought I would share some tips with you.

1.  Don't be afraid of auctions.  No one is going to make you buy something if you accidentally wave your hand and it is mistaken for a bid.  

2.  Arrive at least 30 minutes before an auction begins.  This allows you time to check over the items and look for chips, cracks and such.

3.  Register and get a bidder number whether you think you will use it or not.  You might be surprised by the prices or see something hidden in a box and want to bid.  If you don't have a number, you might not be able to bid.

4.  Have some smaller bills in your pocket.  Someone might be high bidder on a box you want, but not want the item you wanted.  Don't be afraid to approach that person and ask them if they would like to sell it.  This happens at every auction.  

5.  Don't be indecisive.  I'm not naturally, but I've seen many bidders regret not bidding higher for an item.  If you want it, set a price in your head and go for it.  

6.  Be an educated bidder.  Look at the auctioneers website.  This gives you an opportunity to see the item on line before you attend.  If you like something, look it up and see what it is worth or at least get an idea of value.

7.  If you happen to buy several items, put them in a pile close to you and watch it.  Unfortunately, I have had items missing from my pile and you are still responsible for purchasing them.  If you have a helper, have them run it to your car.

8.  Keep track of what you bought.  Everyone makes mistakes and you don't want to be charged for an item you buy.

9.  When you bid, keep track of who is bidding and what the next price is.  Most auctioneers are good at not "running" your bid, but it does happen.  Be alert and watch what is going on.   Don't be afraid to speak up - "hey, who has the bid and do you have me in at this price?"  The auctioneer will not be upset with your doing this.  I've done it PLENTY!  Also, if you want to bid - speak up if the auctioneer can't see your card or hear you - you might miss out on an item you want.

10.  Have fun.  Auctions are fun!  I've made many friends at auctions over the years.  Such nice memories - worth more than any treasure I have ever purchased at auction!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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