Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Olivia

Just when your kids grow up and start to leave, your roles get to share your time with the next generation in the family.   I'm not a grandma yet, however, I am blessed to share these little ones - my niece's and nephew's children.  It's nice to come from such a large family, as there is always a baby to pass around, love on and then give back to the mama.  

Last night was Olivia's 7th birthday party.  She had a Brave themed bowling party.  Her dad, Hank, is my brother Frank's oldest son.  Hank is the oldest grandson/nephew in our family.  Olivia is a quirky little thing.  She has a genuine heart for others - I'm told often times defending other kids at school from bullies.  She is always excited to do new things, help others and give encouragement.  When she was opening her gifts, each one was like she won the lottery - just so cute and genuine.  Her teacher says she is this way at school too, often times helping the "needier" kids and being their friends and giving them encouragement.  You can't learn this - it is just part of who she is.  We share so many of the same personality traits as I see a little of me in her.

Speaking of bullies and "needier" kids...this reminds me of a story from my younger years.  There was a boy who was always teased at school, his name was Dean.  Almost every day, this bully, Brad, would knock Dean's books out of his hands and kick them down the hall.  Dean's locker was across the hall and Brad's was a few down from mine.  One day I witnessed this again and yelled..."hey, knock that off and pick on someone your own size."  To which, Brad the bully says..."well, there isn't anyone your size at this school"  I was chubby, but not the largest one in school.  This was Jr. High - I guess, what do you expect right?  Wrong, I would never do that to someone - this Brad was just an evil bully and jock and that didn't change in High School either.  

Fast forward about 15 years or so.  We are invited to a picnic - to my shock there was Brad the bully.   He had a beautiful wife and children.  I went up to him and said, "hey, do you remember me?"  I then proceed to remind him of the story - basically word for word (who said words may never hurt me?).  He stood there with is mouth open...literally...I added "well, you reap what you sow...I sure hope when your kids get to school, they don't have to deal with a brat like you."  He left the picnic - I did feel kinda bad...but, it was true.  I hope it made him repent for all the rotten things he did in school.   I did say, I speak honestly without a that time it was in full force.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin - even to you Brad Rowe.

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