Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Dairy Breakfast 2013

We so enjoy our county's June Dairy Breakfast.  Today it was in Hamburg, WI at the Eric and Misty Vogel Farm.  This young couple are transplants to our county and state.  Eric is from Massachusetts and Misty from Iowa.  They purchased a century dairy farm from the Krenz family.  They are one of the few dairy farms to go robotic.  This automated machine is actually really neat.  Each cow wears a collar that has her individual production and feed records.  When she comes into the stanchion of the machine, a laser reads her collar and drops out her ration.  While she is eating, the machine has a brush and sanitizer that washes the teat and the cups attach to each and starts milking.  Really cool.  

I hate to say I'm proud, but I was today.  Busting with it, in fact.  Justine our oldest daughter is the summer intern for the Partnership for Progressive Agriculture.  Her objective is to set up the ag adventure tent at our county fair.  She also helped set up, serve and take down this breakfast.  She spent 13 yrs. in 4-H and now getting paid to show her passion for farm life with others in our community.  She his very creative and wants to focus her theme this year on "agriculture and you" what you can do from your home.  Composting, container gardening, buying local and keeping small flock of chickens in urban areas.  I know it will be great.  She has already started her container composting - our chickens are missing out on all the scraps.  Justine is the one in the hat - too busy to look up.

Our youngest, Anna has a full time Summer job in the 4-H office as one of the interns for the summer programs.  She was there today talking about 4-H opportunities.  She is with Jon - he was helping too.   This is the last year in 4-H for both of them....who knows...4-H might end up being 5-H's for Anna (husband???).

Taylor is one of my 4-Hrs.  Anna and her met in kindergarten.  She was elected as Marathon County's Fairest of the Fair.  In this position, she will represent Marathon County at MANY events in Wisconsin.  Her main objective is to be the positive face behind the fair and agriculture.  

So, as mom and 4-H mom - I was so proud today to see all 3 of these girls involved in promoting agriculture in our county.    

This will be a bittersweet year for us - our last as a 4-H exhibitor family.  I have accepted a supervisor position in the cultural arts department - so, I will still be involved in 4-H for quite some time.  

It was cold today, but the crowd still came out to the farm for the dairy breakfast.  

The stars of the show - believe it or not - were the barn cats.  Very well behaved - getting "lugged" around - cleaning up the dropped cheese curds on the ground.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.


TexWisGirl said...

very cool. you have much to be proud of. :)

carol said...

Congratulations to all of you! Very cool.

Bama Girl said...

Hi Jacky! Sounds like a wonderful event! Good to know that at least you'll still be involved doing the things you love! We don't have anything like this around here, at least not that I know of! Good for Justine being so involved! And Anna too! Another one getting married? What will you do? Hard to believe the weather is still that cool there! Thanks for sharing these great photos! Blessings from Bama!

Mandisa Chesser said...

I just found your blog (and started following). As a fellow Christian and Wisconsinite I must say that I LOVE this blog! I'm actually in the process of starting a group that will showcase the businesses, attractions, farms, etc throughout the entire state of Wisconsin so I will certainly try to make it to some of the places you post about on your blog. I love seeing other people who love Wisconsin as much as I do! Have a blessed day.