Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dads to Girls - Happy Father's Day Alan

The other night, Justine and I were watching something when Al announced he was going to go to bed.  He came over and kissed me goodnight and then kissed Justine on her cheek.  Something he has ALWAYS done to each of our girls - their whole life.  I thought about this...he has kissed his girls good night, every night they were here.  

O.K. "so?" you might say.  However, girls NEED to know they are loved by their dads too.   He shows them he loves them in many ways:  hooking up the trailer to load horses, making and designing over 25 rabbit hutches over the years, wrestling with hogs to load for the fair, driving to numerous sheep events, filling bike tires, putting worms on hooks, carrying 3 backpacks on a hiking camping trip, taking Anna hunting (letting her shoot the buck), finding good used cars, checking air and oil, changing oil, starting up cars in Winter, scraping off iced windshields, cheering at sports, plays, 4-H shows AND kissing them goodnight.

Happy Father's Day Alan.  Thanks for being such a good dad and an example of what a husband should look like.  The "boys" have big shoes to fill - when all of this lies on them.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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