Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Great Auntie Sleep Over

My nephew and his wife had a leadership ministers meeting to attend in Minneapolis, MN.  I volunteered to babysit his 4 girls for 2 days and 1 overnight.  I had so much fun and a new appreciation for young mothers.  When you are "out of the toddler loop" you forget how much "work" they are!  When you are young and have a baby you grow with them, add a few more it all comes in a gradual stage - good thing - because, if you knew how much work a large family was - you might not do it.  :)

So, I am the "fun, crafty" aunt.  They have never had to see my strict side.  I surprised them.  You have to maintain some kind of order...  I had to pull the "you don't want to see the mean Dicky Bird come won't like her..."  I know it sounds terrible, but it worked.  After the dog got out and ran over to his girlfriend's house - and the neighbor girl had to catch him - I had to play that card!

Over all, we had a great time.  I didn't get much sleep, because we made tents downstairs and I ended up with Molly, Bella and Remus (the dog) all with me.  Heads, feet, paws - all night long!  

What I did do right, was, have each one tell me one thing they wanted to do while I was there.  Emma - paint; Addie - play with sparkly tattoos; Bella - go for a walk; Molly - to read books and me - get an ice cream cone.  I made sure we did each of these things.  We also played Old Maid and Crazy Eights - these were new games to them.  They actually wanted to keep playing - more popular than the t.v. or computer.  Little tip:  break out the oldie but goodies Moms and Dads.

Here are a few pictures of our sleep over:

Yep, bubbles in the house...relax will dry.

Walk to the park and for ice cream cones.  This little blondie is Josie a little neighbor girl.  She said she hates her name.  Her middle name is Rosie.  Josie Rosie - how cute!  "I hate cute" she tells me "I want my name to be Julia" so, that is what we call her.   The girls have a lot of kids in their neighborhood - even cousins.  My other nephew and his wife live one block over.  Pretty soon, there will be 10 cousins all in the same school.  

We made individual home made mini pizzas.  

It was the last day of school too!  

Just tuckered too!  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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