Monday, May 20, 2013

Motivation Monday - Push Yourself

Did you know I went to Auctioneering School?  Ya, I did.  Life threw me a couple of curve balls and I wasn't able to sell at auction - like I had planned.   Fast forward to yesterday...I sold at auction!  I pushed myself and did it.  

This isn't a great picture of me - Arnie looks good.  Arnie Lange is the auctioneer.  He was short an auctioneer yesterday, it was hot and humid and he wanted to take a break -  "anyone want to sell?"  he says to his crew.  He didn't have any takers - so I said "I will sell."  Normally an auctioneer won't hand his mike over to a member of the audience.  However, after I told him about myself, he says "well, get on up here..."  I jumped on the trailer and started selling.   Now, this is why I went to auctioneering school - I loved it!   I think I surprised not only myself, but the audience as well.  

So, for Motivation Monday - push yourself.  Honestly, when I heard someone say "I will sell..."  I couldn't believe it was me.  I had to do it - I said I would - I pushed myself, even though I was nervous.  Did I make a few mistakes, did I get tongue tied, did I have to ask a bidder for their number a couple of times - sure did, all of those things happened.  The very things I was nervous about.   

Taking risks and pushing yourself can be scary!  However, the results can be so rewarding!  Thank you Arnie Lange for letting me sell and gain some more experience!  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

P.S.  Late thought:  Oh ya, when I left a gentleman came up to me and said "God sends you what you need just when you need it, thanks for helping out today."  I was thinking how that applied to me - he sure does.  

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