Monday, May 13, 2013

Motivation Monday - Make Someone's Day Special

Do you need a boost to your spirit?  Are you in a slump and need to feel better about yourself?  Well, I know no better way to do this, than to do something for someone else.  Really, trust me, this works!  You don't need to spend any money - just share your time with someone.

Every community has nursing homes, most of which need volunteers.  Call the activity director and see where and what you can do to help cheer up the residents.  Make sure to get your children or grandchildren involved - "old people" love kids!  The facility might even let you share your pet.  When my girls were little, we took our chickens to the Homme Home in Wittenberg.  Most residents in the rural community had chickens and loved telling my girls stories about their chickens.  

How about a food pantry or kitchen.  I know these facilities need volunteers as well.   Don't be afraid to go and help - even if you are by yourself - you would be surprised how many "kindred" spirits are doing the same things.  You might even make new friends.  

Do you have an elder in your church or community that might enjoy a plate of cookies, loaf of bread or crock pot meal?  I bet you can think of someone.  Many elderly, have children that live in other communities and would appreciate a visit from a friendly face.  If you don't have time to bake, how about calling and asking them to help clean up their yard or flower beds.  They might not be able to get out and go shopping, ask them if you can "pick" something up for them. I've seen even the crankiest perk up when you say "wanna play a game of cards?"  

You could go and walk some dogs or clean cages at your county humane society (SPCA).   We have walked dogs, brushed long hair cats, washed towels, scrubbed floors, cleaned cages - with cuts in funding, these facilities could use help as well.  

Do you have a special talent - well, think of ways you can share that with others.  Don't hide that light under a bushel - use it to brighten some one's day.  In turn, you will do the same to yourself.  

These are just a few ideas.  I know this works, I've witnessed it.  My mom, is home and wheelchair bound....when she gets visitors - she perks right up.  Sometimes elderly sleep a lot because they are bored or lonely.  My mom can be napping and as soon as she hears little voices - she up and ready to go.  Yesterday was Mother's Day, I was working at her house, she had a lot of visitors.  That was very nice.  Here are a few of her great-grandchildren.

The one with the polka dot shirt is Bella.  She has a crazy personality - she reminds me of me!  She loves to shock people with saying funny things....hmm...this runs in our Native heritage...story telling gene...she is a Ritchie thru and thru.  I said I'm going to take your picture and put in on my twitter.   She looks at me and says "what your tooter...haha (she has a gruff, hoarsy voice)"  Any time she can get potty humor in the conversation - she does.  I love that kid, she just like my Anna.  

So, today for Motivation Monday - get out and make yourself feel better - share your time and talents with another.  After all this isn't just what we "should" do as fellow humans, it is fulfilling scripture.  "...verily, I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my bretheren, ye have done it unto me. (Jesus)."  Matt. 25:40

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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