Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Entry Redo "Farmtastic"

When we first bought this farm in 1994, we spent about 6 months remodeling it before we moved in.  In true 1990's decorating style, I had stenciled the room with sunflowers.  I'm not really one to make changes - hey, "if it ain't broke - why fix it?!"  I wanted something new and fresh.  So, I decided to redo it.  This time in a "farmtastic" theme.

I LOVE it!  Each one of these items have a family or friend connection and mean so much to Al and I.  

Here is the before...

(Al is filling in all the nail holes... :)

(The interior door is the original front door on this house.  We re-purposed it as our basement door.  I had painted the laundry room 2 years ago and painted all the doors in the entry the same color to tie into the adjoining room.  I left them that color - because I like it.)

After I emptied out the closet, I washed the trim and walls and Al taped it for me.  I chose the color "ginger" for the walls - a light yellowish green.  I used Behr Premium paint - the best!  I also bought some Armstrong "Once & Done" floor cleaner - WOW my floor looks like new.

I had to take a picture of this clean closet.  I bought some cheap laundry baskets to help me keep it organized - I vow NOT to put anything back in here unless we actually wear it!

I used an old feed sack for the re-purposed door.  

 (Don't look at the boxes of coats and stuff behind the screen door....that is what was in the closet!)

The hay rakes hanging on the wall - one is from Al's grandpa Konkol and the other from grandpa Luetschwager.  The corn planters are from grandpa Konkol's farm.  The DeLaval cream separator and 20 lb butter crock was from my auction mentor - George Woodrich.  When he passed on, these were sold at his auction.  The cream cans were also from grandpa Konkol.   The tractor seat bench was in our barn.  Our girls spent many hours sitting on this watching their horses, hogs and sheep.   So, each of these items are special to us.  

 These both were really dusty and dirty from being in the barn.  I washed them and rubbed with finish feeder.

It took 3 days to complete and I LOVE it.  Now on to the kitchen....well, maybe in a week or two...

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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