Friday, January 25, 2013

Lesson 8 - Learning to Turn it Over to Jesus

If you are following in order, Lesson 8 is still following the PLAN.  If you just started on this post, go back and catch up, the posts are in order.

Still on protocol - following the PLAN

The first round of chemo wasn't too bad - yet.  Anna was feeling good, so we went down to the family play area.   As we were looking at books, playing some games, I noticed another mom with her daughter.  This little girl had some physical challenges and I wondered about their "story."

I began to make small talk with the mom as our girls played.   She tells me she is from Iowa and they are on one of many return trips to see the specialists at the Mayo Clinic.  I mentioned that I was from Wisconsin.  She looks at me and says "I grew up in Wisconsin."  She turned and studied me a bit more and said "you don't have a brother named Frank do you?"  I was shocked, "yes, I do."  Well, come to find out, she  went to high school with my brother.  I'm all the way over in Rochester, MN, she is from Iowa and we had a connection with my brother Frank.  Small world right?  Or, is it?  

After all my previous "lessons,"  I knew this wasn't a coincidence.  She began to open up and share her story.  I listened, it was a sad situation.  Hey, I'm not the smartest person, I didn't have answers for her, what could I do to help?  So, I shared with her some of the amazing things I felt God was doing in our lives.  Yes, my daughter had cancer and God was still doing amazing things.  

She tells me that growing up she knew Frank was a Christian and that there was something special about him.  I told her that the special thing she saw was Jesus.  "Jesus is special not only to us, but can be to you as well."  This was an opportunity for me to share Him with her.  I did.  We BOTH left that play area more encouraged than when we came in.

It was at that moment I realized that this experience had to serve a "purpose."  I prayed that Jesus would use it and our family in some way.  I wanted to have the right spirit and be sensitive to those around me.  Over the next year we had opportunities to be used by Him.  I will share a few in the next couple of posts.

"For thou shalt be a witness unto all men of what thou hast seen and heard."  Acts 22:15

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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