Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lesson 7 - Learning to Turn it Over to Jesus

Thus far, I've learned some vital lessons that have been for my good.  I learned to NEED Jesus, I can do nothing with out Him.  I've learned to TRUST Jesus, he will take care of my problems, I only need to give them to Him.  LISTEN to Jesus or that still small voice inside me.  WALK with Jesus, he has given me the shoes I need for this path.  To follow His PLAN. Following the plan took several lessons.  The plan/protocol was 42 weeks.  I would like to share a few with you.

There Anna was, sitting on the hospital bed, silly red head and all.  She looked so healthy, laughing and smiling - how could she be sick?  They removed the tumor, why do we need to put her through chemo.  I had to trust that was, what was best for her.  I struggled with letting them start the medicine that ultimately would "hurt" her.

As the nurse came in to start the first chemo I turned to her and said, "I need to pray."   I proceeded to pray aloud, openly with nurse and needle by my side.  I didn't know what else to do...she looked at me and said "what faith..."  I didn't know her, what she believed and at that time - didn't care.  I only knew that I had to make the decision to start the chemo - I couldn't do it by myself.  Jesus had to be there with us - so I called on his name.  The protocol was for 3 different drugs - with each new  drug the nurse brought in - she actually asked "shall we pray?"  We sure did, right there, openly and aloud, the 3 of us with Jesus.  I had peace and Anna was at peace.  Oh how wonderful to trust in Jesus.

Anna had many, many more rounds of chemo left.  I looked at that protocol sheet - we could cross one off the list - only 41 more weeks to go.  

Psalms 9:10  "And they that know they name will put their trust in thee:  for thou, Lord hast not forsaken them that seek thee."  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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