Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Justine - Winterm in Costa Rica

Our daughter, Justine, is doing a winterm in Costa Rica.  She left on December 28 and will return on January 13.  This has been scary for me - after all, it is a long way from home.  However, I know she will have a good time and make lifelong memories.  She actually didn't know anyone going, not even the professor.  I'm proud of how she researched the program and made all the arrangements herself. 

She will be working with ICADS, Institute for Central American Studies:  http://www.icads.org/

The focus will be on the cooperative, agricultural farm, dairy, wildlife rescue working with ranchers and farmers.  Something we are familiar with.  They are going to visit an orchid "farm".  That is her favorite flower.

They have a host family that has been helping the group.  They have an Evangelical background - he is the pastor.  She had no idea of this, neither did I.  They have attended their church and celebrated New Years in the church basement with other members.  This just confirms to me that the Lord keeps His hands on His children even when the mamas don't have theirs in it.  This is not a missions trip, rather an educational one.  But, please pray for her as she lets her "light shine" on this trip. 

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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