Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pressure Canning: Garden Vegetable Medallion Soup

We have been getting ready for the fair.  Anna and I made up this one today. 

Garden Vegetable Medallion Soup

2 C shelled peas
2 C diced green beans
2 C zucchini medallions - 1/4" thick
2 C new red potato medallions - 1/4"
3 C carrot medallions - 1/4"
4 C sweet corn (cut off cob)
5 LARGE tomatoes, diced with skins on
10 C water
diced parsley, S & P to taste

Put all in a kettle - heat only till hot DO NOT BOIL
Put into clean warm jars, add 1/4 tsp. salt, leave 1/4" space at top.
Process in pressure canner for 25 min @ 10 lbs.
Makes 7 Qts. or 1 full canner

Tip:  we used our kitchen aide slicer

Maybe a blue??? 

Blessings from Wisconsin.
Update:  9/5/12.  We received reds, as we didn't pressure cook it long enough - should be 60 - 75 minutes depending on the size of potato.  We have tasted this - really good.
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