Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy 80th Birthday Mom

My mom, Christal, turned 80 on July 24.  We had a birthday party for her last night.  I really don't like my picture taken, but, here are some of my family's photos.

Here are my siblings.  We are missing my brother Henry, who is a missionary and unable to make it.

My sister Bonnie and her family.

With Bonnie's family, they had a chance to take a 5 generation picture with Mom.

This is my sister Lynn's family.

This is my brother Frank's family.

My sister Lori's family. She has 2 sons and a grandson that live far away.

Here is my family with boyfriends.

My mom had 6 of her own children, but invested her time and efforts into other kids over the years.  Some we consider our family.  This is Deb and Dave.  Deb met my sister when my mom was at the hospital having me.  These two have been best friends ever since.  In the summer Deb would come up north with us to Crandon to visit my grandma.  This is where she met Dave, who happens to be my cousin's cousin - we share an uncle.

This is Rocky.  He actually was my cousin's best friend.  When my sister Lynn was little, everyone was jumping on a bed, she happened to be the last one to jump on and the bed broke.  My cousins and everyone teased her that because she was so fat, she broke the bed.  She went outside my aunt's house crying and Rocky came outside to comfort her.  He has been a part of our family since.  He has spent many a winter living at my parents house - he taught me how to play many card games like spades and cribbage.  He is the most resourceful, frugal person I know.  I wanted him to write a "coffee table" book on his adventures - he is a veteran and has lived a colorful life.

Well, there you have it.  We had a wonderful time.  

Blessings from Wisconsin. 
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