Friday, July 20, 2012

Frisbee Dogs

Wausau, is the largest city near us.  It really is only 12 miles or so away and not that large.   The area is really rather a combination of several cities that have grown and linked together.  I grew up in Schofield, Wisconsin - which is connected to Wausau

Wausau has changed over the years.  They have a "green space" called the 400 Block right downtown.  This area use to have several old historic store fronts - but, they were demolishedI love old buildings and didn't like that they did this.  However, now I see that this 400 Block area has become like the old time town square.  There are many events held here all year.  I really like it.

One we went to last night was the Frisbee Dogs.  These dogs are from Michigan and have performed at NFL and college football games, David Letterman and small events like this one.

They were too fast with the tricks, but I tried to get a few pictures.

This German Shepherd is also a search and rescue dog.  He was really smart and caught the most frisbees.

The dog in the Superman cape is retired.  She just comes along with them.  At the end he had all the dogs come out and race to catch the frisbee.   She couldn't keep up with the younger ones, but when they caught it, she would grab the frisbee too and both dogs would run back to the guy.   She did this several times - it was really cute.   You could tell, she liked the attention from the crowd. 

I enjoyed it and will come again next summer - Lord willing.

Blessings from Wisconsin.
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