Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wisconsin Valley Fair - Day 1 & 2

As most of my followers know, we are a 4-H family.  Our county fair is this week.  Here are some of the high points so far....

Our youngest daughter is working this summer as a Vista intern at the 4-H office.  The team she works with organizes summer 4-H clubs for kids who don't know about 4-H or are not able to join the whole year.  The 4-H office asked me to be one of the judges for their projects.  I LOVED it! 

My niece, Christal had her 3 boys join our 4-H club last year.  Here they are with some of their projects.

(notice the needle felting...)

Some of the kids in our 4-H club

There was an animal exhibit this year with tigers and parakeets....not together...  I LOVED it.  In fact, I'm going back to go in the cage again.

Anna received a merit with her rye bread

I received a Best of Show for my chicken collection display.  My taxidermy chicken did it...too unusual.

Having a lot of fun so far....

Blessings from Wisconsin Valley Fair - Marathon County. 
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