Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August Interesting Facts


birthstone:  peridot
flower:  gladiolas

Admit you're happy month
National Peach Month
Family Fun Month
National Picnic Month

Week 1:  Simplify your life week
Week 2:  Smile week
Week 3:  Friendship week
Week 4:  Be kind to humankind week

1st:  Raspberry Cream Pie
2nd: Icecream Sandwich Day
3rd:  Watermelon Day
4th:  Mustard Day
5th:  U.S. Coast Guard Day
6th:  Wiggle Your Toes Day
7th:  Lighthouse Day
8th:  Sneak Zucchini to your neighbor day
9th:  Book Lover's Day
10th:  Lazy Day
11th:  Son & Daughter Day
12th:  Middle Child Day
13th:  Left Hander's Day
14th:  Creamsickle Day
15th:  Relaxation Day
16th:  Tell a Joke Day
17th:  Thriftshop Day
18th:  Bad Poetry Day
19th:  Aviation Day
20th:  Radio Day
21st:  Senior Citizen Day
22nd:  Be an Angel Day
23rd:  Daughter's Day
24th:  Vesuvius Day (largest volcanic explosion)
25th:  Kiss & Make Up Day
26th:  Dog Day
27th:  Just Because Day
28th:  Race Your Mouse Day
29th:  More Herbs, Less Salt Day
30th:  Toasted Marshmallow Day
31st:  Trail Mix Day

"Fairest of the months!  Ripe Summer's Queen.  The hey-day of the year with robes that gleam with sunny sheen.  Sweet August doth appear."  R. Combe Miller

"Whilst August yet wears her golden crown, ripening fields lush-bright with promise.  Summer waxes long then wanes quietly passing her fading green glory on to riotous Autumn."  Michelle L. Thieme

"How sociable the garden was.  We ate talked in given light.  The children put their toys to grass all the warm wakeful August night."  Thomas Gunn

Blessings from Wisconsin.
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