Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jealous and Spoiled...Not me!

I saw this on pinterest and had to write a post about it.  I'm the baby in a family of 6.  My closest sibling is 7 years older.  I was the baby and treated like one.  My mom did spoil me as she knew I would be her last.  Don't get me wrong....I truly enjoyed it!

My mom babysat for a 2 little girls, who were just a bit older than me.  I was jealous of my mom's relationship with these 2 girls.  If only I knew then that their real mama left them with their dad and he was a single parent.  My mom was only showing them some mama love that they needed.  I truly was a terrible kid.  I hate to admit it now...but, it was true. 

Roxanne was in kindergarten (half days then) and my mom made us lunch.  It was french toast.  I was mad because Roxanne could eat more french toast than I could.  I can still see her face gobbling up all the french toast.  I don't know what came over me, but I had the fork in my mouth and flipped the end of the fork and it flew in the air and stuck in Roxanne's forehead.  Like I said...I was rotten.  She screamed and my mom came running over - the fork still stuck in Roxanne's forehead.  My mom pulled it out and there were 4 bloody hole marks.  This all just minutes before the bus came.  Roxanne was crying.  I don't know how my Mom stood me some days!

I can't even justify this behavior.  God is a jealous God...he created us with that emotion.  I've learned to curb it somewhat...but, my crazy sometimes wins.

Blessings from Wisconsin.


Suzanne said...

Girl! Did you get in big trouble? Poor Roxanne - I bet she's still traumatized - ha!

Dar said...

Yes, young lady, you were terrible. Child jealousy can be a very trying time, not only for you then, but especially for your Mom. The fact that you still feel bad about it, means you do have a wanting heart to be forgiven. I'm sure Roxanne has forgiven you, however, she probably will never forget. That was traumatic.
Keep your cool now. I'd hate to get a fork stuck in my fingers for reaching for something you might also want from your friends sale. LOL

Mary Ann said...

Laughing over this... I'm sure Roxanne has forgiven you, and I agree, you have felt sorry about it for years. Love the quote you started out with on the E card, I've had weeks like that!

TexWisGirl said...

oh lordy! :)