Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Every Mother Has Been There

I was reading this post:  "When You Feel Like Screaming" - Lessons from Ivy.  http://www.lessonsfromivy.com/2012/08/when-you-feel-like-screaming.html

Every mother has been in a situation like this.  Believe it or not...raising kids can be "hazardous to your health."    I'm not really joking - tell that to a mama bear. 

In reading Ivy's post, it reminded me of this one day with my girls.  I quit my job to stay home.  I was doing craft sales to earn extra money.  One of the fabric stores was having a huge sale - like 90% off stuff.  I really wanted to get some deals.  So I set out with my 2 girls both under the age of 3 and went to the sale.  I had Anna on my hip and holding Justine's hand.  Before we even got into the store, Justine's fingers were pinched in the door.  She was crying, Anna was heavy and the store was packed!  I was stupid to even try to do this.  I was simply overwhelmed.  Women were staring at me, even giving me dirty looks.  I went down an isle, sat right on the floor and said out loud  "Jesus, please help me..."  in tears myself.   I managed to find a few "deals" (not really worth all of this) and proceeded to wait in a very long line.  Thankfully, some older woman let me go first, cut right to the front of the line.  Jesus did answer my prayer for help. 

I want to encourage the young mothers out there;  "this too will pass."  Believe me, you will miss these days!  Crazy, crying, hectic, biting, fighting, fevers and even the snotty noses - will be missed. 

I would advise that you enjoy the stage your kids are in while they are in it.  Embrace it in fact.  Relax, pace yourself and them.  Don't get wrapped up in comparing your parenting style or kids with others.  This is a HUGE mistake.  God created each of us with different talents and gifts - it is your job to help your children figure out what they are.  Try to remember that when a "well meaning" friend says:  "well, my children were doing this or that at that age..."  In one ear...out the other... 

It is our job as mothers, to understand that these little gifts from God are His, He has entrusted them to us.  His will in their lives will prevail - even if we think we can't live through it. 

Blessings from Wisconsin.

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