Thursday, April 21, 2011

Whazit #2 - Nodder Salt & Pepper

I'm sure most of you have seen nodders.  You know like the dog you may see in many elder driver's cars.  Or, even the sports character, or if you watch the Office (I LOVE it!) like the one Angela gave Dwight.

Nodders in the collectible world of salt & pepper shakers can be rare and hard to find.  I "bought out" over 600 sets of salt & pepper shaker collection.  I have sold some at auction, in my booths and now have listed some on ebay.  Click on Where to Find Me seller site at right to see what I have on ebay.  

Nodders have a portion of  the shaker that rests on or in a base so that they can swing from side to side or back to front. Here are pictures of two I have listed now and I plan to list more nodders next week.

The top picture shows the back of set and how they can lean forward - those are chickens.  They have little pegs on each side that holds them inside the holes.  The part that nods is also the shaker part.  If you ever go to a flea market or thrift store, make sure to look at the kitchenware department, you just might find a nodder.  Blessings from Wisconsin.
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