Saturday, April 16, 2011

G.I.T. - Global Impact Team

For 4 years, I have been the adult advisor for a club at our daughters' school - Faith Christian Academy.  The club is called G.I.T. or Global Impact Team.  We meet every other Wednesday during the lunch hour.  The purpose of the club is to impact our school, community and world for the glory of  God.  We have set up several fundraisers - bake sales and food stands - to raise money to put toward the different projects that we do.  This past year we raked leaves for Make a Difference Day, walked dogs and donated food to the Lincoln County Humane Society, rang bells and worked the "Giving Tree" for Salvation Army, wrapped Christmas presents at the mall for "Bundles of Joy" (they provide diapers for families), Christmas Extravaganza for younger classmates to make gifts for their families, an in school "Giving Store," BINGO at a nursing home, "H2O for Life" (sell fair trade African doll ornaments to dig water wells in Africa), sending cards of encouragement to an alumni in basic training for Army and making polar fleece blankets for Children's Miracle Network.  For a small group we actually try our best to make an impact . 

My mom recently has had to stay at a nursing home for some rehab after a hospital stay.  G.I.T. played BINGO here last year, so we made arrangements to do so again while my mom was there.  The great thing about this "team" is that I have wonderful young people to work with!  They tuly have a heart for helping others.  Here are a few pictures.

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