Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cutest Egg EVER! So Tiny

So, yesterday, when I was gathering the eggs, I found this tiny egg.  It is about the size of a quarter.  Only one other time have I seen an egg from one of my hens this small.  I have some small bantam cross chickens that lay small light brown/cream color eggs.  I have been saving the extra small ones to decorate for Easter.

Here is a picture of the different size variety of eggs my hens have layed.  The antique scales in the photos are what is known as an egg scale.  You place the egg on the scale and it weights it for size.  I was lucky to find these 3 at the Edgar Steam Engine Show and Flea Market.  This is a HUGE event in central Wisconsin.  I plan to set up my vendor booth again this year.  It is a "picker's paradise".   I purchased all 3 scales from one vendor.  I think I got them all for like $25.

I wonder if it will have a yolk? 
Blessings from Wisconsin!
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