Friday, April 29, 2011

23 Years! I can't believe it!

April 30, 1988 was a pretty important day to is was my wedding day. 

The very first time I saw Al, I came home from school (NTC - Tech/trade Scool) and announced to everyone that "I saw the guy I'm gonna marry.  He has copper colored hair and copper colored eyes.  They call him "Little Al" (because there were 2 Als in that class - one big, one little)."  Mind you, Al, didn't know me yet, much less that we would be married.  I knew it instantly, that he was the guy for me!   I was 19, in my second year of an Associates Degree program and had NEVER had a boyfriend or even been kissed!  Unheard of I know...  If you know me now, you might not believe that I was ever quiet or shy....right?  Well, I actually was around "boys."  Al and I had one class together, Criminal and Delinquent Behavior.  He was going to school for Police Science, me Legal Secretary.   So, like an idiot, I just starred at him all during class, every time he looked toward me, I would just look away.  This went on until about December when I finally got up enough courage to ask him something.  Anyway, he hasn't been able to shut me up since.....

It seems like a lifetime ago, yet just like yesterday.  That is how life goes you know.  "Here today, gone tomorrow"  The bible says:  "To everything there is a season..." 

The other day, Al and I were in his truck on a ride home from Fleet Farm and we were talking about our life, marriage and kids; and he looked at me and said, "I can't believe we did it, we actually did it."  "It" has been 23 years, 2 remodeled houses, 4 outbuildings, a dozen or so vehicles, 5 dogs, 10 or so cats,  2 daughters, public and private school, 2 driver's tests, 1 childhood cancer -  and alot of "its" not mentioned - you know, LIFE. 

Our world today has become an instant message, drive thru windows, no money down - same as cash, charge it today - pay tomorrow,  text me and a "just Google It" society.   We have become use to a "quick fix" to any problem or situation.  It may just be me, but I would rather wait for a steak to marinate overnight and then put it on the grill - its the oil and spices in the marinade that makes it taste good.  So too are the joys and trials in ones life that makes a relationship "sweeter".  Oh ya, on that truck ride home....Al tells me that one of the things that made him want to marry me was that he knew how strong I was - not physically, although I am - but he said he knew that because of my faith and strength - he wanted me for a wife and mother to his kids....that was the nicest thing ever! 

Blessings from Wisconsin!
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