Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Mission Statement"

Do you remember the movie "Jerry Maquire?"  In this movie Tom Cruise plays a sports agent.  In the beginning of the movie he has this epiphany - moral epiphany - of the synical business he is in.  He goes on to write down his ideas and convictions from this epiphany and shares it with his company and coworkers.  It was not received well by therefore, he said "it was only a Mission Statement." 

I was thinking about that the other day.  Not sure why, but I was.  I have been reading some blogs on here, you know you click on one and then see a button to another that looks interesting.  One could spend too much time doing this....hence, I don't have facebook.  Anyway, I was thinking that I should have a "Mission Statement" for by blog.  What I want it to be about. 

When we first moved to the "country" there was no such thing as google.  When we had a question as to "why the calf is pooping yellow" or "why did the momma rabbit eat her babies" there was no place to ask that questions and get an instant answer like there is today.  So my number one mission is to share information about farm life and the things I have learned.  It won't be one of those "How To" answers, but more like "How Not To Do" things.  Unfortunately we have learned many an important lesson by what not to do.   Thankfully, we have some great country neighbors who have shared their knowledge and experiences with us.

I love folk art and primitive antiques.  I am an artist and antique dealer.  I do have a studio and a huge pole building where I store my "finds," "projects" and "buy outs."  My studio has also been a shop that I use to open up each month for 4 days.  It was "Town Hall Trinkets a Monthly Market"  I did this for a couple of years, it was alot of fun and I enjoyed meeting my customers.  They also enjoyed coming to the "farm" for a visit.  However, God had other plans for me and my family and I had to temporarily close my shop here.  Our youngest daughter was diagnoised with bladder cancer - Rhabdomyosaracoma.  I just stopped everything I was doing and took care of my family.  I thought I was already doing that, however, I didn't realize how much I was consumed by my "junk."  I know I am still a hoarder, truly, but I have been able to keep a better perspective on it.  Jesus healed our daughter and she is now celebrating her 5th year cancer free. 

Anyone who know me, knows that I have strong religeous convictions and political views.  Well, guess what, so does everyone else, and you can hear that all day long on the T.V. or radio.   I don't want my blog to be political.  I will try to keep my opions about the Government to myself.   This will be a challenge!  However, I will share with my readers experiences and trials that Jesus has brought us thru and what we (me) has learned from them.  I want my blog to be encouraging to those that read it.

Also, my blogs will not be long.  So this one is about all I would want to read as a "visitor" and so I will go now, but I hope you will check back with me and leave comments.  I truly want to meet new online friends.  Blessings from Wisconsin. 

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