Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Estately Yours 2016 Wrap Up

My business partners and I got together for our 2nd Annual Estately Yours Christmas luncheon.  It started last year when I invited "City Jackie" and Lisa over for lunch.  We had completed our first estate sale together and it was a way for us to discuss how it went and future plans.   We completed 7 sales this year.  

Estately Yours in 2016 was able to help several families with their estate sale needs.  We learned a lot, tried some new ideas (Manic Monday Sales) and mostly, had fun.  If you can't enjoy what you are doing, why do it, right?!  Like I've posted before, helping families is more of a ministry for us than a "business." 

I had an idea for an Instagram and face book post (I'm always thinking about that) to make gingerbread houses and post "from our houses to yours, Merry Christmas."  So, I made each of us a gingerbread house that I attached to a slab of wood.  I tried a new technique this year for the "glue" to stick the walls together, caramelized sugar, it works great!   It was my gift to them as well.  We had fun decorating them as we discussed this past year of sales. 

We look forward to what 2017 brings our way.  Families contact us by reference or word of mouth, none of us actively seek sales.  We do, however, have some fun ideas for our next sale, if one happens to come our way.  

Should you have 1 item, an entire house or sheds and barns to clean out, keep us in mind.  We like to get our hands dirty and dig up treasures to sell for you.  

Thank you to those families who put their trust in us and to our faithful customers.  Merry Christmas and blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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